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Folding Fish paper art project. Art for kids, easy art projects

Should we hide the risks, critical path and other 'frightening' things when planning a project or programme? Inspiration from - Folding Fish paper art project. Art for kids, easy art projects

Teaching with TLC: FUN Math Art Ideas

Runde's Room: Optical Illusions in Art Class - an easy to complete art project that students will be proud of. Remember reality is an ILLUSION the universe is a hologram buy gold!

Splish Splash Splatter: The Longest Line Drawings

Great substitute lesson idea for art: Splish Splash Splatter:- ONE continuous line until paper is full. Then trace shape and color in monochromatic.- great variation on squiggle art.

play recipes - bounce balls

Play Recipes- Homemade Bouncy Balls ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose Make your own glow in the dark RAINBOW bounce balls using common household ingredients Really want excellent tips regarding arts and crafts? Go to this fantastic site!

Another way to incorporate Kandinsky's beautiful colored circles that I love so much!-- Kandinsky trees

The Grade students studied Wassily Kandinsky and abstract art. They each were able to make a cicle for the large collaboration tree and then they each created their own little tree!