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DIY fairy house

How to Transform Your Dollhouse Into a Faerie House You are never too old for faeries. If you have an old, unused dollhouse in the attic, .

The first time I saw this concept was in Pennsylvania at a house that was sitting up on a hill.  They had a large terracotta pot turned on it's side and a bed of flowers flowing from the pot and down the hill a ways. It was so cool!!!

How to Create Barrel Planters. Half-barrels have become a decorating staple in yards and flowerbeds across America, regardless of how or what they display. Here is one suggestion of how to make an attractive addition to your yard with a half-barrel.

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Succulent tree trunk - instructions are not in English but the idea is pretty basic. Tree trunk + removal of some wood + soil, water & succulents = awesomeness in your garden! You could even hang this from a patio at eye height.


My niece believes in fairies. "If you put up a fairy door," she says, "a fairy will move in!" So, I am making Fairy Doors in the studio. Will post photos in process and as they are completed.

Tiny Fairy House

Tiny Fairy House Gnome Home Clay and Moss by gingerlittle on Etsy

Fairy House

Aspen Hugs - fairy house made from Aspen and Pinecones with shell steps, window in the door and some fairy secrets