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a woman in a blue dress and hat standing on the edge of a building looking at the ocean
a donkey is standing in front of a building with blue shutters and a bag on it's back
there is a boat that is in the water next to some buildings and trees on top of a hill
a woman in a white hat and dress is looking at clothes hanging on a line
Karpathos 2009
a blue boat sitting in the middle of a body of water next to tables and chairs
Carla Coulson
a black horse standing on top of a lush green field next to the ocean with mountains in the background
Island donkey
an outdoor dining area with chairs and tables overlooking the water in front of a boat
a woman standing on top of a white building with blue domes and an orange striped dress
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a white and blue building with flowers in front of the ocean on a sunny day
a blue door with steps leading up to it
Serifos Island, Greece
two people are sitting on the balcony of an old building with waves crashing in front of them
there is a statue in the middle of the water with a sailboat in the background
tables and chairs are lined up in front of an old building with steps leading to it
Serifos Island, Greece
a blue heart with the word greece painted on it
a donkey sticking its head over the top of a blue fence with it's eyes closed
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SANTORINI santorini - Bartabac
a boat floating on top of a body of water
an old building with some columns and a mosaic on the floor in front of it
Greek Isles Tour: Cyclades, Crete, Santorini
two statues standing next to each other on top of stone pillars in front of a blue sky
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a horse drawn carriage in front of a castle
Thessaloniki , Greece / my favo pic from Greek Set!
two pelicans sitting on the ground in front of some white buildings with red roofs
a man riding on the back of a brown horse down a street next to a yellow building
a white building on the side of a cliff next to the ocean with blue sky and clouds
A photo journey in Greece
a donkey tied up to a gate in front of a building with a blue dome
Santorini Luggage Carrier by Michael Warwick / 500px
Teke, Aegean Sea
there is a small boat in the water next to a white house with blue doors
Crete Buzz (@CreteBuzzz) / X
a white building with blue windows overlooking the ocean
two glasses of wine and some grapes on a table with a view of the ocean
a man kissing a woman on the cheek while standing next to a white wall and smiling
two chairs and a table on a balcony overlooking the ocean
Firostefani - Santorini - Greece
an old bell hanging from the side of a building near the ocean with a boat in the background
' — Agia Thalassini - Andros, Greece Gentleman’s...