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Craig Platt NZ wildlife artist, New Zealand birds artist, Auckland illustrator, NZ birdlife, Kingfisher, Tui oil painting, Pukeko -- "Tui in Gold"

Craig Platt NZ wildlife artist, New Zealand birds artist, Auckland illustrator…

Huia, illustration from the series 'Extinct Birds of New Zealand' (colour litho)

Huia, illustration from the series 'Extinct Birds of New Zealand' (colour litho)

Species that have gone extinct in our lifetime SOUTH ISLAND KOKAKO Native to New Zealand's South Island, the bird was declared extinct in 1967. However the classification has been updated to reflect a confirmed sighting in 2007, with another potential sighting as recently as April 2016.

South Island Kokako - J. Keulemans, in W. Buller's A History of the Birds of New Zealand.

Huia - Heteralocha acutirostris, was the largest species of NZ wattle-bird and was endemic to the North Island of NZ. The last sighting of a huia bird was in 1907 - and it was shot! Its extinction had two primary causes. The first was rampant over-hunting to procure Huia skins for mounted specimens, which were in worldwide demand by museums and wealthy private collectors. Huia were also hunted for their long white-tipped tail feathers. Valued by Maori for hair decoration. wikipedia.

Huia Painting by J. Keulemans from W. Buller’s A History of the Birds of New Zealand * An extinct species of wattlebird from New Zealand. The last individual was sighted in Deforestation and over-hunting are thought to have lead to its extinction.

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Tūī - bird unique to New Zealand (Tūī are important pollinators of many native trees and will fly large distances, especially during winter for their favourite foods) - favourite bird

Tui, at Tiritiri Matangi Island - photo by Serendipity Photography by mslynnf, via Flickr

The tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) is an endemic passerine bird of New Zealand. It is one of the largest members of the diverse honeyeater family. It is an important pollinator of many native trees.

Fantail from Buller's Birds of NZ

For Reference: NZ Black Fantail & Pied Fantail by JG Keulemans (from Walter Buller's 'A History of The Birds of New Zealand' -

NZ native creatures - TUI still here I have one that comes every year to feed on the Kowhai tree in the front yard :)

New Zealand Tui on kowhai blossom by janet marshall - New Zealand Tui one of 3 NZ honeyeaters feeding on kowhai blossom

New Zealand wood pigeon near Beechwood Lodge. Photo Author: Justin Bell.

New Zealand native wood pigeon. These birds stuff themselves with berries until they are so heavy that they are almost unable to fly. They sound like "whispering death" as they fly through the bush.

New Zealand Kaka, also known as Kākā, (Nestor meridionalis) - a New Zealand parrot endemic to the native forests of New Zealand. The New Zealand Kaka is considered vulnerable. It has greatly declined across its traditional range as a result of habitat loss; predation by introduced predators like rats, possums and stoats; and competition from wasps and bees for the honeydew excreted by scale insects.

* Endangered * New Zealand Kaka (Nestor meridionalis) is a large species of parrot. It is endangered and has disappeared from much of its former range.