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Korowai - Maori Cloaks

The korowai “is a particular type of kākahu (cloak). It is usually decorated with feathers and/or tassels and has a border along the bottom, although this can vary according to tribal custom. Korowai are known to be handed down through generations.
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To show respect to the Tangata Whenua I learnt from them the skill of Korowai weaving. I am very grateful to my tutors and fellow weavers at the Papakura Marae for their help and inspiration

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Mannequin/life caste of a Maori chief wearing a rain cape over a korowai (tag cloak); holding a taiaha (ceremonial and fighting staff), wearing a hei tiki (neck pendant), and two huia feathers in his hair. | 19th century | Photographic print; © The Trustees of the British Museum

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