carvings made out of wood.

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two deer statues are on display in a garden
Bob King Chainsaw Carving Artist
Don't remove that dead tree stump. Hire a chainsaw artist to turn it into a magnificent piece of yard art.
two cats climbing up the side of a wooden pole in front of some pine trees
Chad Haspels
Mountain Lion tree sculpture... would need to be a coon dog instead of a mountain lion though.
a bear statue sitting on top of a tree stump in the grass next to a house
Black bear standing on a stump
Black bear standing on a stump - Carvings by Scott, a Michigan Chainsaw Carver
three bears climbing up a tree in front of a house
40 Exceptional Examples Of Tree Carving Art - Bored Art
Exceptional Examples of Tree Carving Art (4)
a wooden sculpture of a lion in an art gallery
Salon d’Automne Paris 2015 - Le Souffle Créatif
Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez ~ "Buste de Lion" ~ Wood Sculpture
two carved wooden owls sitting on top of a table in the middle of a parking lot
What about this for the base of my tall table for the patiio
there are two bears on top of a sculpture
a woman standing next to a giant brown bear on top of a white fenced in area
a bear carved into the side of a tree trunk with numbers on it and two bears
there are two bears sitting in a tree stumps that look like they have been carved
too cute!!
an ornate wooden staircase in a building
Изделия из дерева, полиуретана и МДФ от производителя Ставрос
Резной парадный столб из массива дуба. #лестница #дизайн декор #балясины #дерево #резьба Carved front pillar made of solid oak. #staircase #decor design #balusters #wood #carving
a man standing next to a carved owl on top of a tree
I am amazed at this giant project from ECHO Chainsaw Carving Team Member Bob King.
two rat statues sitting on top of a tree stump
Chainsaw carving by Valerij Kunigel
a man standing next to a carved tree with an owl on it's back
Chainsaw sculptures