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someone is stitching the edges of a miniature frame
Easy Lace Edge Tutorial
the steps to make an easy quilt pattern for beginners with pictures and instructions on how to
Easiest Quilt Ever V2 – Quilting for Beginners
a blue and white quilted wall hanging with daisies on the center, along with two yellow centers
Crazy Daisy — Snowy Days Quilting
a colorful quilt with many different designs on the front and back, all in pastel colors
Rainbow Seeds I Free Quilt Pattern
a quilt is laying on the grass in front of some green grass and one has white flowers
a woman wearing a pink and white dress with many different pieces of fabric on it
Shabby Chic Bedding Ideas DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos
I like the classic girly blankets with tiny flowers and cute prints. I like the colors to be muted and antique looking. Riley may like them less though :)