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3-col-bl-tanz-12000 Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a gorgeous gemstone with a range of blue-violet color; sometimes even exhibiting a flash of red.


A starry AND windy night and the Grindaflet hut in the Voss mountains. Quite a bit of snow to dig in order to get into the hut. The Grindaflet hut is a self service hut owned by the Norwegian Trekking Association and is open for everybody.

To Sua Ocean Trench, Lotofaga, Samoa.

To Sua Ocean Trench, by Laura Beasley. she writes: On the island of Upolo, Samoa. This trench is filled with sea water through an underwater channel - a gorgeous place for a swim

in the surf line/ of an opal sea/ gravid turtles/waiting/ for dark   (tanka by susan)

Love Photography, working with special effects on photos Colorful People, Places & Things and Pretty Fantasy, Interacting with people around the world All the Goodstuff! All things Caribbean & Ocean & Beach, Love Seasonal Art & Photos I am the Real.

The Sentosa Resort in Singapore unveiled 11 two-storey "Ocean Suites" this week, each with a window on to the hotel's aquarium.

Hotel rooms with unusual views : The Sentosa Resort in Singapore 11 two-storey "Ocean Suites" each with a window on to the hotel's aquarium.