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an art work with many different colors and patterns on it, including the face of a person
Iphone, Trippy Drugs, Psychadelic Art, Trippy Aesthetic, Trippy Iphone Wallpaper, Work, Trippy Photos, Psychedelic Trippy
a collection that sparks my soul ⚡️
a woman's face with colorful makeup and stars in the sky above her head
From Another World Poster Print | Psychedelic art, Hippie painting, Hippie art
a drawing of a woman holding a skeleton in front of a full moon and clouds
Love is Blind Art Print by CASSIDY RAE MARIETTA
a painting of mushrooms in the night sky
Mushroom Wallpaper - IdleWP
an illustration of a pink alien floating in the sky
Unknown Landscape
a poster with an image of a mushroom wearing sunglasses and a dragon flying above it
Wall Art, Black Light Posters, Hippie Wallpaper, Poster Wall Art
Blacklight Posters - Flocked - Page 6 -
a drawing of a sunflower with red eyes and an evil grin on it's face
@aiyanas.artt on insta
an image of two faces with different colors
Who are this generation’s psychedelic poster artists?
a vase filled with lots of different types of flowers next to pencils and markers
A world of flower