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anime character expressions with different facial expressions and hair styles, including the eyes and nose
Mavis Vermilion (メイビス・ヴァーミリオン) | Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル), FT
an anime character with long blonde hair wearing a white dress and holding her arms out
FAIRYTAIL(GREE、Mobage)画像パート1⑨ | セレッソ×OP×FT[拓也日記]
a woman in a kimono holding an umbrella
an anime character with pink hair and white pants, in front of a black frame
FAIRYTAIL(GREE)画像⑧ | セレッソ×OP×FT[拓也日記]
an anime character with black hair wearing a white dress and red collar, standing in front of
FAIRYTAIL(GREE)画像⑨ | セレッソ×OP×FT[拓也日記]
FAIRYTAILブレイブギルド(Mobage) 新イベ開始 7/20 | セレッソ×OP×FT[拓也日記] Mavis Fairy Tail, Story Photo
『FAIRYTAILブレイブギルド(Mobage) 新イベ開始 7/20』
FAIRYTAILブレイブギルド(Mobage) 新イベ開始 7/20 | セレッソ×OP×FT[拓也日記]
an anime character with blue hair and red cape
FAIRYTAILブレイブギルド(GREE、Mobage)画像パート2⑮ | セレッソ×OP×FT[拓也日記]
two anime characters standing next to each other with their arms crossed and looking at something
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This is too cute
an anime character with pink hair and black pants, standing next to a speech bubble
Things That Interest Me!
Chibi Natsu.
Fairy Tail Drawing, Photo Manga, Anime Fairy Tail
an image of some anime characters running on the ground with one person holding a cat
Natsu Dragneel // Lucy Heartfilia // Erza Scarlet // Gray Fullbuster // Happy
two anime characters hugging each other with the number twenty six on their chest and one holding his arm around the other's shoulder
two anime characters, one with pink hair and the other with blonde hair in different colors
Fairy Tail Natsu et Lucy
an anime character is sitting on the beach with watermelon
真島ヒロ on Twitter