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rice with the words how to color rice for sensory play
Taste Safe Kinetic Sand Recipe
Taste Safe Kinetic Sand Recipe - Little Learning Club
there are letters that spell out the word preschool letter recognition activities
Preschool Letter Recognition Activities - Planning Playtime
Preschool Letter Recognition Activities - Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters using legos, and other fun activities.
a spiral notebook with colored paper apples and circles around it on a white surface, surrounded by confetti balls
Free Printable Activities — Oh Hey Let's Play
Free Printable Activities — Oh Hey Let's Play
two pink trays with wooden utensils in them and the letters a to z
Phonics STEM Sound Kits
Phonics STEM Sound Kits
an ice cream sundae with sprinkles on it and two cards that say y
Ice Cream & Sprinkles Alphabet Writing Practice
Free printable ice cream alphabet cards for this super simple writing tray filled with sprinkles! Practice pre-writing and fine motor skills.
the cover of what is hiding in the grass? fine motor skills and cutting activity
What Is Hiding In the Grass? Preschool Cutting Practice
What is Hiding in the Grass? Cutting Activity-awesome cutting idea- the kid cuts off the grass strips so he can see what is hiding underneath