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an old red race car with numbers painted on it's side in a parking lot
1955 chevy stock car
the cars are lined up on the race track
With or without wings? In 1970 Richard Petty raced the winged Plymouth Superbird on the superspeedways and this Roadrunner on the short tracks and bullrings.
an orange and white race car driving on dirt
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two cars racing on dirt track with trees in the background
old time race cars
old time race cars - Google Search
a green car driving down a dirt road in front of a crowd
7up - Chevy Dirt Track Race Car
an old race car with the number 17 on it's side parked in a garage
High-Res – theCHIVE
Randomness of this Friday (74 HQ Photos)
a blue race car driving on dirt track with number seventy on it's side
an old race car is driving down the track with number 80 on it's side
Jack Jeffries NASCAR NW LMS 1966 Chevelle
an old race car with the number 37 on it's side in front of other cars
Reign of Methanol
Chevy II Nova dirt track race car.