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some type of label that is on top of a piece of paper with the words made in italy by capri - itali
Old Pucci Tags
a pin with the words cocktails luncheon piano bar written on it in red and white
The Weekend Digest: Photo
a sign that says as seen on tv $ 1 99 per square sticker in red
As Seen On TV!
As Seen On TV! | Bart Solenthaler | Flickr
Cover Design, Graphic Design, Layout, Art, Retro Logos, Erotic, Brandywine
Erotic Art compiled by Drs. Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen
the logo for bow's arrows is shown in red on a light gray background
Will Gardner | Creative Director
a yellow and black label with the words hotel europe written in spanish, on a white background
Hotel Europa, Angola
the last night saved my life logo
Vincent Conti
Brand Suite by Vincent Conti on Dribbble
a blue and white sticker with a woman holding a flower in her right hand
the logo for raffles hotel singapore is shown in black and white on an old paper
Singapore - Hotel Raffles 04
Singapore - Hotel Raffles 03
a red sign advertising hotel alpenrosee with the words's martini di castrozza
San Martino di Castrozza - Hotel Alpenrose
Hotel Alpenrose We love hotels! Also see
a red book with the title giggle water written on it
Vintage cocktail books: A recipe for collecting
an e & o hotel sign on the back of a leather cover with palm trees
Eastern Oriental Hotel
the smith & weson logo is shown in black and white on an old - fashioned tin sign
Desperate Enterprises TSN1608-BRK S&W Round Logo