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a small black bird with big eyes and an orange beak
Soda Can Tab Penguin
Soda Can Tab Penguin - Girl Scout SWAPS Ideas
three pieces of paper cut out to look like monsters with eyes and mouths on them
SWAPS-A-Lot - Mini Eyes in the Night Foam SWAPS Kit for Girl Kids Scout 25
a blue stuffed animal with big eyes and a name tag attached to it's ear
We made these Cookie Monster swaps for Cookie Rallies.. Me LOVE Girl Scout Cookies!!!!
several pairs of eyeballs are hanging from clothes pins on a ceiling in the shape of spirals
A great and easy swap for Brownies...literally a twist on another pin I saw. Instead of regular paperclips, I use the circular ones. Bigger googlie eyes look better than smaller ones.
a yellow and white object sitting on top of a wooden table
Washcloth & soap swap using a Pez candy for the soap. Should spray paint the Pez with glossy paint or a craft sealant before using so it lasts longer.
the kit makes 50 pieces of chocolate and marshmallows in plastic bags with tags
Girl Scout S'mores in a Bag SWAP. Kids will enjoy making this adorable SWAP for camping! For complete supplies go to MakingFriends.com
two colorful toothpicks with googly eyes on them
* * * Girl Guide SWAPS (or Hat Crafts) * * * Cothes Pin Caterpillars
a bowl filled with colorful felt animals sitting on top of a white table next to a cup
25 days of Felt Christmas Crafts Day 8: Felt Candy
Felt candy for candy princess costume
a person's hand holding a keychain with a small doll attached to it
these would be cute all put together on a bracelet...Girl Scouts swap snowman
several objects are laid out on a towel
Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos
Quick and Easy Camp Crafts for Girl Scouts - Yahoo! Voices - voices.yahoo.com
two white twine rope wrapped in plastic bags
Mini Practice Knots Quick Reference SWAPS Kit for Girl Kids Scout makes 25
Mini Practice Knots Quick Reference SWAPS Kit for Girl Kids Scout makes 25
a close up of a plastic object with water droplets on the bottom and an animal in the middle
10 Genius Ways to Use Your Hot Glue Gun
Ten Genius Things You Can Do With A Glue Gun
Remember this from Girl Scouts or Summer Church Camp.  Either way, a great old saying (and song!) Summer, Church Camp, Girl Scout Leader
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Remember this from Girl Scouts or Summer Church Camp. Either way, a great old saying (and song!)
a stuffed animal in a bag next to a card with the message'friend survival kit '
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Girl Scout Friendship Survival Kit- good idea for GS Friends are fun brownie badge! Could have the girls make their own and write their own words too
a stuffed animal and tag on a white surface
Public Songs & SWAPS - Girl Scout Service Unit 638 (Malvern, Pennsylvania)
girl scout swaps | Public Songs & SWAPS - Girl Scout Service Unit 638 (Malvern ...
many different colored buttons are laying on the floor
In which I make things!
Beautiful pins made from buttons, little felt, and safety pin.....(touch of hot glue) TA-DA...there you go!
the worksheet is filled with pictures to help kids learn how to write and draw
a canadian guider
Trail Markers (Girl Guides of Canada).
a hand holding a piece of paper with beads on it and a poem about the benefits of seeds
AHG Friendship Seeds SWAPS
AHG Friendship Seeds SWAP / Life of Momma B
three different types of beaded items on a white surface
SWAPS-A-Lot - Mini Dream Catcher SWAPS Kit for Girl Kids Scout (25)
a white and purple plastic cup with a compass on the side, holding a spoon
SWAPS compass made with the tines of a plastic fork as the movable needle attached to a plastic water bottle lid.
several small pieces of felt sitting on top of a table
girl scout swaps | Backpack SWAPS made for registering girl scouts. SWAP ... | Girl Scout
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a brown carpet
TP Swap
The TP swap is made with a piece of felt around a wooden spool.
four circles with words that spell out the name of each circle, and an image of two
My Place in Guiding
My place in guiding Easy way to teach the girls that brownies is bigger than just our unit
popsicle shaped toothpicks are being used to make clothes pins
Craft Stick Flip Flops in Honor of Dollar Tree Flip Flop Frenzy!
How to make miniature craft stick flip-flops!
two colorful cupcakes hanging from hooks on a brown surface with a clip in the middle
Birthday cupcake swaps - Girl Scouts
four pieces of plastic with beads in them on a pink background and hanging from hooks
SWAPS-A-Lot - Tic-Tac-Toe Game in a Bag SWAPS Kit for Girl Kids Scout (25)
cotton candy in a plastic bag on a white surface with the word cotton candy printed on it
Delicious Camp Hat Craft Ideas
Just Jess's Girl Guide Blog: Delicious Camp Hat Craft Ideas
a group of small colorful kites sitting on top of a pink background with the words swags - a - lot written below them
SWAPS-A-Lot - Mini Bright Bandana SWAP SWAPS Kit for Girl Kids Scout (50)
a bag filled with green stuff sitting on top of a table
Tracy's Guiding Blog
Fun SWAP in a bag idea. No directions- but the picture is probably enough!
several different colored hair clips on a white surface
Side activity: make headphone swaps
three metal clips with christmas decorations on them
Christmas Holiday Swaps
Girl Scout Swap Kits & Girl Scout Craft Kits: Christmas Holiday Swaps
three pieces of felt hanging from chains on a white plate with a black table in the background
a pink and white bracelet with the word sister on it, hanging from a hook
Save The Planet
How to Earn the Violet Daisy Scout Petal Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout - InfoBarrel
a plastic container filled with nuts on top of a wooden stick next to a metal hook
Girl Scout SWAP Bird feeder adorable mini bird feeder !! For more supplies go to MakingFriends.com