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a poster with the names and numbers for different things to see in this page,
two different types of words in the same language
a blue and white poster with the words he tono
Body words Art Activities For Toddlers, Maori Designs, Māori Culture
Body words
a red frame with white writing on it
two different words are shown in the same font and numbers, one is for mice
Te Reo Teaching Language
the words in different languages are shown with an image of a sun and clouds above them
a poster with different fruits and their names
Māori Fruit - Blackboard Jungle
a poster with many different kitchen items and words in english, spanish, and japanese
Maori Resources – Tagged "Te Reo" – Page 2
a red and black frame with the names of different languages
Classroom Treasures
a blue bird sitting on top of a red and white background with words written below it
Kāinga (Home) - The Te Reo Māori Classroom
a blue and white poster with the words he tono in it's center
Maori Resources – Tagged "Te Reo"
a poem written in black and white with the words karoka on it's side
Opening and closing Karakia