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What are you afraid of by Picolo-kun. #icarusandthesun

🎶soundtrack🎶 Please backtrack some posts if your're feeling lost on this one. The zodiac arrows and the constellation animals 

Itachi #naruto

Itachi (A villian that died a hero and a true hero dies with a smile on his face)


snow ice Fanart ship fan art jack frozen frost jack frost rise of the guardians elsa jelsa. don't really ship this. Just pinning for the beautiful artwork


Elsa from Disney'd Frozen and Jack Frost from Dreamworks' The Rise of the Guardians. This would make an AWESOME crossover!


I don't really like frozen but I like the idea of Jack and Elsa togather. I think DISNY should make a movie with Jack Frost and Elsa in and they falling love! That's a movie I would see!

Naruto manga

Naruto 642 - Read Naruto 642 Manga Scans Page Free and No Registration required for Naruto 642

Kakashi- Click on the GIF, it's cool!

when someone says they hate anime when they haven't seen it it, I be ' you have to run. Naruto meme Kakashi from chibi to creepy