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Maggie Gardyne

Maggie Gardyne
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simple & lovely | Newborn | Baby | Photography

Simple & lovely photo of a baby sleeping. Simple & lovely are Zizzz…

Christmas-y Newborn

I love the simplistic theme! Rachel Belle Photography: Merry Christmas to all…

moses basket newborn photos

This really sweet prop set up could be used for simple and safe DIY newborn photography with minimal props

lifestyle newborn photography |

With the blanket from Liam

Flower Wreath | Newborn Photography | Newborn Photography Ideas |  Callie Lindsey Photography

Callie Lindsey Photography- I really like the white space between the baby and the flowers here.

Baby portraits Berkshire

(Tréasa and Cathal) Baby portraits Berkshire

Photo inspiration

oh my, just found my next inspiration for a baby girl shoot!

This is my kind of shot - and the ones you'll want to look back on in the future! - GC

Jessica Janae Photography beautiful mom and baby pose

Baby photography

Bean sleeps like this with hub almost every night. Melts my heart

Two becomes three! Love this angle. And it'd be just as cute with the tops of a couple heads poking up at the bottom, depending on the size of your family.

Baby feet and holding hands.