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two paper bags decorated with flowers and a cross on the front one has a note attached to it
Happy Easter goodie bag
He is risen resurrection sunday goodie bags for children. Spring colors and Bible verse.
a stack of note cards sitting on top of a wicker table next to a cell phone
The Best Sentimental Gift: "Open When..." Letters Awesome idea but would take awhile to put together
an image of a child in the back seat of a car with text that reads, get your child to squish up against window 23 take photo
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
That's awesome
two white plates with handprints on them that say love and foot prints in the middle
Movie and Concert Memory Jar
love this idea for valentines day @Danielle Lampert Lampert Lampert Deaver
a piece of paper that has candy on it
Mother's Day Candy Bar Poster
Mother's Day Candy Bar Poster
a popcorn box with some candy in it that says, you make my heart pop
A Couple Quick & Cute Valentine Gifts
"You make my heart POP" valentine for the spouse/significant other... fun idea!
some kind of candy in a wicker basket with tags attached to the bags that say thank you for your comfort mints
Thanks for your commitment gift for our counselors! So simple, SO cute!!!
popcorn buckets sitting on top of a wooden table
end of the school year teacher gifts:)
valentine's day gift tags with pink ribbon and heart cutouts on the side
Teaching My Friends!
Valentine's Day Paint Swatch Bookmarks for your class! What a cute idea. And blue bookmarks could be used for the boys just in case they are a little picky about getting pink/red bookmarks ;-)
a graduation cap sitting on top of money in a jar
Graduation Gift with Dollar Diplomas
Graduation Gift with Dollar Diplomas
ice cream cones filled with candy and sprinkles on pink background next to an ice cream cone
Ice Cream Cone Treats - Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
Krispie treat ice cream cones. Such cute treats for a Summer party!! Hide candy in the cones -- I like to bag these up for kids to take home after a party instead of a goodie bag.
a basket filled with candy, candies and a stuffed animal on top of it
Made this for my best friend's birthday!
a valentine's day treat bag with herspoos in it and the fox says happy valentine's day
What Does a Fox Say? Valentine Printable - U Create
What Does a Fox Say ? free printable Valentine! Use as a bag topper, tag, stick on a conversation heart box, etc.!