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Crafts to Make and Sell - Element Jar Necklace Tutorial - Cool and Cheap Craft Projects and DIY Ideas for Teens and Adults to Make and Sell -…

Element Jars: Create Sun, Moon, Earth, and Sky in these fun DIY Element Jar Necklaces Tutorial, . an-element-jar-necklace-for-nerdy-friends-like-me/

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I'm definitely not a teenager, but there ya have it! I am iron man. A fact.

I always sleep and get good grades but it is true that I have no social life.

Are you kidding? All I have is good grades while my social life and sleep schedule couldn't be worse.

that's how communication works...oh man I can see Our boy saying this in a few years! Lol

Teenager Post - Mom: "Are you talking back to me?" You: "Well yeah, that's kinda how communication works.

I'm just gonna shut up now

it's actually sometimes just me. the whole class goes quiet so my friend stops talking and ill be the only retard still talking. talk about EMBARASSING

I know when its shaking and I'm like "Its going to fall and kill us all."

This is so true i decided to never use my ceiling fan and i invested into a floor works wonders. Plus the electricity in my room is i dont trust my ceiling fan