Donna Madden

Donna Madden

Kia ora I am a teacher, particularly interested in working with students with special needs. I enjoy arts and craft activities, ict, sports and reading.
Donna Madden
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Teach life skills, sequencing, transitional words, following directions, language skills, and listening skills All-in-One with these Life Skills Sequencing Mats!

My sequencing mats have been such a huge hit with my students, and since they are also working on life skills daily, I decided to integrate life skills into my

classroom management idea

This voice levels poster is used in most preschools during my placesment, I think it is an effective way for teachers to control the voices in the kinder. Child also remember the colors and related voice levels that they should use inside and outside.

Nicholas Ferroni - Students who are loved at home, come to school to learn, and students who aren't, come to school to be loved.

Depression Relief and conquering mental adversity with a pencil eraser removing a tear drop from a close up of a human face and eye as a concept of emotional support and therapy. by Lightspring, via ShutterStock

Приличам ли на циклоп?… или мигащо око оригами

Winking eye origami with excellent directions by Krokotak. Would be really cute to make a sculpture out of origami.

Real People = Real Connections = Real Well-being

Real People = Real Connections = Real Well-being

Reading apps for Ipad. Maybe for the ipod?

Preschool & Early Reading iPhone apps for kids. Maybe I need to rename my board.