We have been learning about Matariki and the constellation. Matariki is a small cluster of stars and it is also known as Plieades.

Awesome STEM project -- create marshmallow constellations!  Plus books and websites for stargazing too.

Building Star Constellations for Kids

Teaching Resource: A poster to display in your classroom during Matariki (Māori New Year).

Teaching resources for primary school teachers, including thousands of worksheets, classroom games and educational posters.

Stained Tissue Stars craft for kids

Stained Tissue Stars craft for kids. Hanging in a window, the stained tissue stars produces a dramatic effect.

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash: Hearts and Stars

This year I decided to do my stars and hearts.

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There are a number of resources that have been developed to support and promote the Auahi Kore kaupapa.

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