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Do you feel like your creativity is stuck in a rut? Are you looking for ways to spark new ideas and improve your productivity? If so, creative coaching may be the answer for you. For business, or for personal use, for individuals or groups.
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How good people thrive in tough times - creativity coaching at Creative Coaching, Emotional Resilience, Hope For The Future, The Lives Of Others, Practice Gratitude, Expressing Gratitude, Tough Times, Creative People, Emotional Wellness
How good people thrive in tough times
Life is full of challenges, and tough times can often test our resilience and character. But it's the strength of good people that shines through. Somehow, no matter how overwhelmed, burnt out, tapped out, and/or freaked out, individuals with integrity, empathy, and creativity manage in tough times, often connecting with other creative people who are also navigating adversity. And that's one clue right there. Photo by Stacey Koenitz on Unsplash
Your Ideas Matter - Write them down - creativity coaching @ Creativity Exercises, Stuck In A Rut, Writer's Block, Writing Tasks, Inspiration Photo, Writing Project, Blank Page, That Feeling
Unblocking the Flow: How to Overcome Writer's Block
Writer’s block is a pain, right? It’s that feeling of staring at a blank page, unable to put your thoughts into words. It can be frustrating and discouraging, but it doesn’t have to stop you from writing. There are a few strategies that can help you overcome writer’s block and get your creative juices flowing again. Here are a few of my favourites - more at Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash
Cute dachshund thinks outside the box - embrace innovation - creativity coaching from Being Left Behind, Thinking Strategies, Business Landscape, Disruptive Technology, Head In The Sand, Forward Thinking, Social Change
Embracing Innovation: The Key to Business Success
In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, tinkering around and thinking outside the box has become an essential skill for success. While the phrase may sound cliché, its underlying message is more relevant than ever. To thrive in a competitive market, businesses need to foster a vigorous culture of creativity and innovation that smashes far beyond the traditional boundaries, or risk being left behind while their competitors embrace forward-thinking strategies.
Creative man working on laptop in the sunrise. Let's Go, Waste Of Time, Limiting Beliefs, Achieve Success, Do You Feel, Thought Provoking, Live Life
Coaching Doesn’t Work: Debunking the Myth and Unleashing Your Potential
There's a common misconception that coaching doesn't work, that it's merely a fad or a waste of time. However, when it comes to unlocking your creative potential and achieving success, coaching can be a powerful tool. It's far from ineffective and it can help you thrive.
Photo of one yacht sailing on a different angle to all the others. Creativity as a Competitive Advantage - Creative coaching at Family Jokes, Do The Work, Take Risks, On The Farm, Creative Hobbies, Walking In Nature
Creativity as a Competitive Advantage
My Dad told me, “Always paddle your own canoe.” It was kind of a family joke because he’d been given a canoe, tried it out on the farm dam, and discovered why he’d been given the canoe. Ignoring the water weeds and my mother’s laughter, I think he’s absolutely right. Paddle your own canoe. Do the work, create your own way in the world. ... more at
Be open to change. Don't be afraid to fail. Experiment and explore. Be patient. Have fun! Creativity coach at Bruce Mau, Start Where You Are, The Heavens, Wish List, How To Grow
Change Manifesto - now even more incomplete
Back in 1998, Canadian designer Bruce Mau wrote his Incomplete Manifesto – a kind of wish list of defiance, motivations, and invocation to the heavens. In a way, the Manifesto, took on a life of its own inspiring designers around the world. Bruce is probably wondering why the Manifesto doesn’t call often and hopes maybe there’ll be some grandkids soon. In the spirit of fun here’s my offering of a grandchild: How to Grow Creatively – a Concise Change Manifesto Photo: Tyler Wanlass - Unsplash
Labyrinth - a perfect place to use your intuition. Creativity coaching @ Gut Feelings, Strengthen Intuition, Gut Feeling, Active Listening, The Present Moment, Present Moment, Paying Attention
Make intuition your creativity secret super-power
* Enhance intuition with mindfulness, gut feelings, playfulness, solitude, active listening, and reflection. * Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment. * Gut feelings are subtle nudges and feelings. * Creativity thrives in moments of playfulness. * Solitude and silence allow us to focus. * Active listening means paying attention to cues. * Reflecting on past experiences can strengthen intuition. creativity coaching
Alien at night drawn with sparklers. Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe in yourself? Creativity coaching at Keep Believing, Believe In Me, Build Your Confidence, Believing In Yourself, Everyone Makes Mistakes, Keep Your Chin Up, Positive People
How come it's easier to believe in aliens than it is to believe in me?
Believing in yourself is a journey, not a destination. It takes time and effort to build your confidence, but it’s worth it. It’s like any manual skill – the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. Keep believing in yourself, even when it’s tough. Keep your chin up, keep striving. You can do it!
six thinking hats are shown in this poster
In Edward de Bono - Six Thinking Hats & CoRT
Edward de Bono - Six Thinking Hats & CoRT (14/43) | Pearltrees
Where do great ideas come from? Creativity Coaching - Aspiring Artist, Connect The Dots, Quiet Moments, Creative Thinking, Great Ideas, New Perspective
Where do great ideas come from?
Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a scientist, or simply a curious mind, understanding the origins of great ideas can inspire and empower your own creative journey.
Neon sign says: Work Hard. It's about achieving a work/life balance. Prevent Burnout, Balanced Living, Healthy Work, Finding Balance, Work Life Balance, Work Life, Stressed Out
Achieving a Work/Life Balance
Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is crucial for creatives to sustain their passion and prevent burnout.
Smile. Laugh. Advice for dealing with failure. Fail Better, Reflective Practice, Personal Wellness, Four Year Old, My Clothes, Keep Moving Forward, Keep Trying
How to cope with failure
Things go wrong and *bang* I’m that determined (but misguided) four year old who sewed the oven cloth to my clothes. Creatives fail harder. Learn how to fail better.
Man boosting his creativity by relaxing in a tree. Be More Creative, Boost Energy Levels, Improve Focus, Fast Paced, Boost Energy, Take A Break
Relax! How taking breaks boosts your creativity
Did you know that taking breaks can actually help you be more creative? In our fast-paced world, it can be hard to find time to take a break. Worse than that, if you’re driven, you feel guilty or bad if you’re not working 24/7 (and the weekends too).