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Outdoor gross motor activities to teach children the value of teamwork. [Find a book(s) about team work (fiction: Berenstain Bears, nonfiction: Olympics) for discussion before the activities)

An outdoor activity for active IG participants. IG teams can be intermixed (children and adults) or adults verse children. Conversations about teamwork would be helpful for young children!

Learning about compassion or disability awareness- put together a puzzle blindfolded while partner describes where pieces go

Good idea for the Senses or Fair Play badge: blindfolded puzzle work! via The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker


Paint Technique: Watercolor Bubbles - Create whimsical art with this technique that involves watercolor, dish soap, and drinking straws. l Love the bubble technique!

diy rainstick activity

Make a Rainstick -- Learning about the Rainforest? Sense of Hearing? Or just need something fun to do. make your own rainstick with a few simple materials!

Constructing the hula hoop and adding patterns with tape.     The beginning of the weaving process, indoors.       Scrap fabric for we...

Constructing the hula hoop and adding patterns with tape. The beginning of the weaving process, indoors. Scrap fabric for we.

Alphabet Relay: Try it as a Spanish activity! Great learning games to practice Spanish letters, Spanish letter sounds and Spanish words. Movement aids learning!

Get outside and combine exercise and learning with this fun alphabet relay game! Learn how with "Mom Inspired Life". You could also use this for math facts or sight words for older children.

Enemy Pie is one of my favorite back-to-school reads!

This Enemy Pie pack is a perfect way to celebrate friendship and discuss the qualities of a good friend, in addition to examining problem and solution in a text. Included in this product is: Templates for a friendship pie recipe Recommended word bank for