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an orange and black poster with lines in the shape of a guitar's neck
Music and Glory of Amity, Poster, 2002 | » Reza Abedini
an arabic calligraphy is shown in the shape of a ball on top of a table
Who am i ?
arabic calligraphy Hamza Abdelal
an arabic poster with the letter f in black and white
Reza Abedini رضا عابديني
a man holding a laptop computer in his hands and looking at the screen with arabic writing on it
In The Beginning | 2000 Reza Abedini Poster Exhibition 100 X 70 cm Digital
an advertisement for the concert, with images of people on it
Reza Abedini رضا عابديني
an arabic calligraphy is shown in black and red letters on a beige background with geometric shapes
Reza Abedini, Helvetica . This Arabic layout visualise to me when there is a magnate and everything become near others.
the state of utah literature poster is featured in red and yellow colors with an image of a man's head surrounded by letters
Arab Literature - Coverjunkie
cover Open Skies - inflight magazine from United Arab Emirates. Artwork from Iranian artist Reza Abedini.
an image of a woman in yellow and white with words all over her face on a black and white background
29LT Poster Series
an arabic poster with the image of a man's head in green and orange
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