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Her soul was a roiling, stygian sea, disquieted by the soft cotton haze of light suspended above her. In turbulent pursuit of lustrous contentment, hindered by desire to sink deeper into murky chasms, two waves clashed, sending tentacles of sharp spray to reach for the light, but eliciting only shrill cries from the wind in between.

This is a exquisite picture which feels very free, it shows the water breaking apart from the wave, and i think really is the feel that I want to have for my poster!

Mi imagen favorita para Natur Öl

Fuji, the Violet Beauty in Japan from late April to mid May, the most beautiful season in Japan. The flowers of Fuji (Japanese wisteria) JAPAN

Ginnie Springs - Florida

Devil Spring - one of seven springs that are located in the private Ginnie Springs park (northern Florida), a cave divers paradise. For non-divers there is still plenty to see when snorkelling. The intense blue colour is due to the water depth at the cave

Cat Garden - 15 Plants Cats Love

Cat Garden - 15 Plants Cats Love-Maybe I'll plant Sammy a little indoor garden for Xmas