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a blue building with a bell on the front door and trees in the back ground
The Barn Reborn: Mark Zeff's House in East Hampton - Interior Design
a dining room table with two chairs and a bowl of fruit on it
A Carefully Updated Mid-Century Stunner
The Design Files - Modernising A Mid-Century Stunner - photo, Cathy Schusler.
the side of a building with many windows and a cat sitting on top of it
120mm Flush Panel by Louvretec
120mm Louvreline Flush Panel - Louvretec - EBOSS
the side of a building with metal slats on it's sides and a sky background
Louvre Roof Systems | Retractable Roofs
Locarno Aluminium Louvres - Auckland NZ
a kitchen with a sink, window and potted plant in the corner next to it
An eco-friendly kitchen renovation on a budget
Screening bamboo for privacy also provides a beautiful view from the kitchen window. The stainless-steel benchtop extends up the wall to form a seamless shallow splashback, so there is no tight angle that's hard to clean | Photography: Cathy Schusler
a white bathroom with gold handles and hooks on the wall next to a bathtub
The Danish Sommerhus – Design Series by VOLA
As a ritualised immersion in nature, the Danish ‘sommerhus’ is the ultimate sanctuary destination during the warmer months. As part of VOLA’s architecture and design focused platform ‘On Design’, Creative Director of the Utzon Centre, Lasse Andersson, reflects on the ingrained need for the Danes to escape to their summer abodes, the sustainable passing on through generations and their importance as a cultural pilgrimage. #apartmentdesign #cleverdesign #amazinghome #house #home
a kitchen with two glass doors and a cactus in the corner
Coastal Barn Dream Elysian Kitchen Mixer in Brushed Brass | ABI Interiors
Dare for adventure with an outdoor kitchen! ⁠ ⁠ Sure, it's not THAT far from the internal kitchen. But as pleasure-seekers and social eaters, the option of both is always preferred. ⁠ ⁠ Like the outdoor kitchen in @the_coastalbarndream, our Elysian Kitchen Mixer will always be there to help you clean up when it all winds down. ❤️⁠ ⁠ 🛒 ABI Featured Products⁠ - Elysian Kitchen Mixer in Brushed Brass⁠