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I did it and typed with elbow but had autocorrect lol

did it on my laptop. (no longer typing w/ my elbow.that obviously failed XD, I meant to say: "did it on my laptop, typed it too. Now time to click pin w/ my elbow XD)

Saw this at school today... - 9GAG

shit escalated quickly things crazy 27 Boy, this week escalated quickly Photos)

This guy is my hero!! Banned from Wally World for having a sense of humor. No funny business here, people!! HILARIOUS!!!

This woman's husband recently got banned from Walmart, you will never believe the reasons why. He sounds brilliant!

We don’t speak the same language…

We don’t speak the same language // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

We need this 1950's Zombie Game

Funny pictures about I would totally play this game. Oh, and cool pics about I would totally play this game. Also, I would totally play this game.

I always say I will play map crunch but I never have

Mapcruch, the game that drops you off in a random location and you have to find the airport (pardon language)