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Silkies... One of the best chicken you can have with young children!! Seramas would be my 1st suggestion.

Brooke Giannetti of Velvet & Linen has been raising these gorgeous chickens for a couple yrs. I never thought I would say this, but I want some of these fluffy chickens!

Hay feeders we made, very easy and handy!!

**shelf pieces from Menards-like my Halloween shelf grate pieces Hay feeders we made, very easy and handy!

Posts: The Backbone of Your Fence System

Horse Fencing systems with the right posts will ensure success for your fence project if you use straight lines, a plan, and the proper supplies.


Pictorial History Jeeps - an Image Map of Universal Jeep Models

How to keep chickens -- two unique approaches for the backyard or small farm

Excellent (provides feed for the hens also!) - A small farm’s story of a unique, inexpensive tent coop for keeping chickens, and the ancient ‘deep litter’ method for caring for chickens.

Chicken breed & egg color chart

I would love to have welsummers, salmon faverolles and wheaten Ameraucanas - beautiful chickens and eggs!

pvc chicken brooder - Google Search

Cute pen for raising chicks, ducklings or whatever other kind of bird you enjoy :-) nursery cute for rabbit 2