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DIY 10-Minute Tribal Overskirt - I did it! It came out pretty overall. But... The stretch fabric was hard to sew and got caught in the machine if I went too close to the edge. Also, you want to make it longer if you have a bubble butt like me. I did 11 inches long and it was too short in the back.

DIY Tribal Overskirt / Hip Skirt with Side Ruffles--I'd love to get away with this. Doubt it'll ever happen.

Orca Mom with calf....they touch one another often to express comfort and love. This continues for two years

my absolute favourite mammal, we need to protect this species from captivity! Whales in Captivity. Conserve our majestic oceans and sea life.

Photo credit: Saefull Regina, Indonesia (Nat. Geographic)

Beautiful Sunrise Photo by Saefull Regina — National Geographic Your Shot Mehr

Northern Lights in Ersfjordbotn, Norway

Northern Lights [Aurora Borealis] in Ersfjordbotn, Norway. I am learning Norwegian and I hope to travel to Norway someday!