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a large building covered in green plants on the side of it's face next to a street
X-TEND | Facades & muebles de diseño | Architonic
Todo sobre X-TEND | Facades de Carl Stahl en Architonic. Encuentra imágenes e información detallada sobre distribuidores, formas de contacto y opciones..
an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building with parking lot and trees
diseño jardines hospitales - Buscar con Google
an aerial view of a building with a red circle in the middle
diseño jardines hospitales - Buscar con Google
a street sign on a pole next to a planter filled with flowers and plants
Flickriver: MIG|SvR's most interesting photos
stormwater planters on Maynard green street, Seattle by SvR Design Co
an architectural drawing shows the various sections of a building and its surrounding area, as well as
Riqualificazione urbanistica e paesaggistica fascia periurbana ad ovest delle mura. San Gimignano
four different views of trees and buildings
Segundo Lugar Concurso De Ideas Para La Integración Urbana Del Río Guadalmedina
Segundo Lugar Concurso De Ideas Para La Integración Urbana Del Río Guadalmedina | Plataforma Arquitectura
an artist's rendering of a park with benches, trees and people walking around
WAA - Montreal, Canada - Landscape Architects -
WAA - Montreal - Landscape Architects
there is a man that is standing on the steps by the water with an umbrella
Kopaszi dam on the waterfront in Budapest. Click to enlarge & visit the boards >>
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings and roads in the middle of it
Public spaces at the Burj Khalifa in Dubayy, United Arab Emirates, are a tour de force by SOM's Nada Andric.
people are sitting on the grass in an open area with white lines painted on it
Harrington Grove Country Club / Hassell
a bunch of benches sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to trees and grass
a river running through the middle of a cobblestone road with water flowing down it
Panoramio is no longer available
Rill curves thru cobblestone - PAM - meanderende afwateringsgoot - Public Square in Varde | Photo by Buelipix