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This is always my favorite hair style. Too bad I can't french braid and have thus worn my hair just like this exactly once (on my trip to San Francisco, I believe)

Summer Braids :: Beach Hair :: Natural Waves :: Long + Blonde :: Messy Manes :: Free your Wild :: See more Untamed DIY Simple + Easy Hairstyle Tutorials + Inspiration

french braids, tight long thin x

This is where the dutch braid come in handy. The dutch braid is a protective hairstyles that looks hard but is actually quite easy to accomplish.

Kendall & Brynn in their duet costume yesterday! They came overall, beating Kalani & Nia and the Candy Apples

#VertesKendall photoshoot with don cunanan

Kendall) dress=✅ hairstyle I want=✅ shoes=✅ jewelry=✅ date=❌

Maddie is gone #lifeMads

Jojo Siwa, Kalani Hiliker, Brynn Rumfallo, Kendall Vertes and Nia Frazier😇

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I'm Brynn I enjoy the beach, dancing, and being silly.* I smile* I dance at ALDC! * giggle *my bffs are Maesi and Madds!

Brynn rumfallo love u

Credit:gmirandaaaa)) Please use:)) - also if I promised u an edit comment what it was cause I can't find the pin

Brynn Rumfallo @blownxawayx94

"I'm Brynn 15 and single" I sigh "I am an introvert"