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an animated character holding a cupcake in his right hand and looking at the camera
Icon Shrek
a man with red hair and green eyes standing in front of a heart
Check out tuula_d's Shuffles SHREK SHEERAN #edsheeran #shrekisloveshrekislife #shreksheeran #shrekforever
the shrap is smiling with his head tilted back and eyes wide open, as if he's looking at something
Shrek Meme iPad Snap Case by yyyeseniaa
an image of a cartoon character with wings saying are you lost babygrrr?
pov- angel shrek catches your eye #music #vintage #moodboard #myfirstshuffle #collage #aesthetic #taylorswift #coquette #lanadelrey
an animated character with green skin and purple glasses, wearing a white shirt and brown vest
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