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much of this is true... not all of it. and since when did we get rid of ADD and have ADHD 1 and 2? ADHD without the hyperactivity is just ADD people... idiots

An Inside Look at ADHD Infographic. Children with type 2 ADHD often exhibit a number of strengths, including an eagerness to try new things and a hard working spirit. Take a look at this Philadelphia children’s behavior info graphic .


Triggers of behavior disturbances for individuals with autism. Also inconsistent, unpredictable, aggressive behaviour by father will trigger meltdowns and distress.

#Respect to Dr. Temple Grandin and her #quotes. Give instruction.

One of the best movies I've seen was her bio! Very thought provoking! Temple Grandin and her Give instructions people!

Yes, each of one is precious and that's why Teachers need to treat each one like her/his own ...

Every child in your class is someone else's whole so so true! This is what makes me love every single student I have. They are someone's baby!

"Children need to be challenged and pushed, not to the point where they give up but to the point where they think, "Wow, look at me go!" Robert John Meehan --- A plethora of inspirational quotes about teaching ---

"Children need to be challenged and pushed, not to the point where they give up…

Quote to live by: You are amazing, remember that!

I love you no matter what. You're on of my favorite people on or off the internet. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are awesome, & you are loved.

Family should always matter and be special no matter what! Teach the Children Family Matters, until then love and respect family that is always there!

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