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Luchian Lamberton

Luchian Lamberton
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Wanda says she's buying a jeep (not a truck) once we can get rid of the kid-mobile.I found the one! This is a kick-ass Jeep Wrangler

I saw this and immediately thought what if you were coming from that room right there and then you had to walk all the way around to get to the spot where the stairs are level with the ground to get on. So what if you made the stairs so that you could rotate them? like grab the stairs and spin them around so they would face whatever way you wanted... kinda cool thought.

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LEGO Peterbilt Tow Truck Probably Could Really Tow LEGO Cars

I love a good LEGO build, and this is one of the more impressive designs I've seen in a while. This awesome LEGO Peterbilt tow truck is so detailed that you might just think it was the real thing.