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Rambler餐饮空间,香港 / A Work of Substance - 谷德设计网


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an old wooden box with many strings attached to it
an empty room with a shelf made out of wickers and leather, in front of a white wall
an old wooden door that is made out of wood
a white tiled shower with gold faucet and hand held shower head in the corner
a bed sitting next to a wooden wall with green sheets and pillows on top of it
Note Design Studio draws on Swedish Grace style for Habitat 100 apartment
Note Design Studio draws on Swedish Grace for Habitat 100 apartment
a wooden shelf filled with lots of different types of plates and cups in bins
NOMA Lab / GXN (Innovation Unit of 3XN)
a white coat hanging on a rail next to a wall with a jacket in it
LP Meatpacking Store
LP Meatpacking Store | Vincent Van Duysen
three wooden shelves with cups and vases on them
Setter Copenhagen - the original coffee shelf
an empty room with two wooden shelves on the wall
X Office by T2P Architects office
X办公总部,东京 / T2P Architects office - 谷德设计网