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a quilted bed spread with an orange, blue and white design on the cover
The Sawtooth Star quilt-along (beginner friendly but everyone’s invited :-) — Joz Makes Quilts
an owl quilted on top of a blue background with white stars and black dots
Harry Potter
I have been making my first paper pieced blocks. And they are all Harry Potter. They are for my sister in-law's birthday quilt. Laura will b...
a piece of black fabric with yellow and white designs on the front, along with an image of a bird's wing
Hufflepuff Golden Snitch Quilt - Harry Potter Inspired
Pieces by Polly: Hufflepuff Golden Snitch Quilt - Harry Potter Inspired
a large quilt is laying on the floor with it's border in blue and brown
a paper cut out of a man with long hair and beard wearing a green shirt
Harry Potter - General
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