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an image of cartoon characters with caption that reads, some things will never change
I love both shows! - Gaming
I love both shows!
The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Films, The Last Avatar, Avatar The Last Airbender, Avatar Series
Imagine the sandal in Zuko's pocket in every episode in-between
some anime characters are talking to each other about what they're doing in the movie
an image of two avatars with the caption that says,
an animated image of two people being hugged by one another and the caption reads,'tulle zong is proud of bumi '
the tweet on twitter has been altered to show what it looks like,
the tweet has been posted to someone on their phone, and it looks like they
the tweet has been posted to someone on twitter
an image of someone's tweet about the death of their son, who was murdered
an image of two cartoon characters with caption that reads, just think when zuu visits baby kora they would play hide and seek together and he've captured the avatar
an image of two avatars, one with blue eyes and the other with brown hair
two texts that are on the same page, one has been edited to say something
an avatar is shown with the caption that reads, thinking about how you've was probably supposed to be the avatar if
a tweet with an image of a woman's face and the words, visit - singse follow