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Sakkas Cable Knit Pom Pom Thick Slouch Hat

Cable Knitted with Pom Pom Thick Slouch Fashion Beanie /Beret /Winter Hat

50 Easy Fabric Flowers Tutorial - Make Your Own Fabric Flowers - Page 9 of 10 - DIY & Crafts

You don’t know how to make fabric flower? Checkout these 50 DIY fabric flowers tutorial that will soon leave you as a professional fabric flower maker!

Jewelry Craft Ideas - Pandahall.com

Embroidered Felt Envelopes - Embroidery Embroider Felt Project DIY Envelope Link goes go hairbow project; but envelopes are adorable.

Free knitting pattern for Hearts Ease Butonniere

Free knitting pattern for Heart’s Ease Boutonniere - Franklin Habit adapted this pattern from a century design from The Floral Knitting Book; or, The Art of Knitting Imitations of Natural Flowers.

We Like Knitting: Cute Sweater - Free Pattern

free on ravelry (original shows it with collar and more buttons). i must learn to knit asap! before baby girl gets to old where she won't want to wear anything mama makes (like her big sis! this is adorable!