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a dog's paw with a heart on it is shown in front of a white background
Wire Paw Print With Heart Sign - Paw Wall Sign - Animal Wall Art - Pet Gift - Animal Paw - Housewarming - Pet Gift - Pet Memorial
Handmade Wire Paw Print with Heart This paw print is a perfect addition to any home decor, either to add to a gallery wall, to your shelves, or even to be framed! SIZE GUIDE It is available in 3 sizes, as below. But if you have a custom size, please don't hesitate to contact me! Small: H: 10m W: 11cm Medium: H: 12cm W: 13cm Large: H: 14cm W: 15cm INSTALLATION I would recommend hanging with nails, or for a damage free option, use clear command hooks (perfect for renters and those who like to chan
a christmas tree with swirly lines on it's top and bottom branches, in black and white
Quilting Creations Christmas Tree Quilt Stencil, 4"
Christmas Tree