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a woman with headphones on is looking at the camera and has an interesting message
two people talking to each other in front of a sign that says, i'm gonna let it lingerer
some type of words that are in the same language as other words and phrases on paper
a small stuffed animal next to a bottle of vodka
a woman sitting on the floor with headphones around her neck and holding a cup
echoes in the digital void
three small stuffed animals are dressed in pink and white outfits, one is wearing a hoodie
Support Small Business, Idk, Cleaning Products, Drugz, Silly Me
Drinking, Going Crazy, Lose My Mind
a woman sitting on top of a bed with stuffed animals in front of her and the words me and all the voices discussing what to do next
a mouse sitting on top of cheese with the caption, urn his dms i'm a little mouse sqeake
a woman in a car with the caption that reads, thirty seconds after giggling and kicking my feet
an image of a pencil with the words laughing, hungry af and sitting in silence questioning a conversation i had with someone 10 years ago
Shorts, Funny Images, Shit Happens, I Laughed
a pencil with the words the giggles on it
a whiteboard with pink writing on it that says, my teacher made a list of random words