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a cake decorated with berries and whipped cream
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Berry Christmas Pavlova *
a cake decorated with green frosting and decorations on top of a white platter
Bunnies in the carrot cake. Inspired by other Pinterest cakes.
a cupcake with green frosting topped with carrots and bunny ears on top
'Digging up the carrots' cupcake. Simple rabbit and carrot cupcake design with a chocolate oreo dirt frosting.
there is a cake with carrots on it
Cake! Cake! Glorious Cake! · Miss Moss
clever carrot cake
there is a cake that has carrots in the shape of a bunny on it
Bunny Mini Cake
some cupcakes that have been decorated to look like animals in the grass and flowers
Easter Bunny Cupcake
Easter Bunny Cupcake
there is a cake decorated with rabbits and flowers
Easter Bunny Cake by Party Cakes By Samantha, via Flickr
some cupcakes are decorated with chocolate bunny bunnies and green grass in the shape of rabbits
Easter Bunny Cupcake
Easter Bunny Cupcakes. Their tummies are made from a Mini Cadbury Creme Egg.
a cake made to look like a tub with carrots in it and a mouse on top
bunny in a bucket
there is a chocolate cake with flowers on the top and decorations in the bottom layer
Easter Bunny Cake
there's no mobile version of this page yet carrots and grass on cake central
Linda Marklund
Bunny Carrot Cake
there are two toy carrots and a bunny laying on the ground next to each other
Toelho e suas cenourinhas
Toelho e suas cenourinhas by Sonho Doce Biscuit *Vania.Luzz*, via Flickr
chocolate crinkle cookies on a white plate with the words, chocolate crinkle cookies
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies - Chef in Training
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies! These beautiful cookies taste just like brownies and are perfect for that chocolate craving!