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a shark is swimming in the water with words above it that read, sharks can eat pancakes because they can't make them
Another Shark fun FACtoid
an animal swimming in the water with its mouth open and captioning that he's going to outer space
there is a frog that has its head under the water and it's caption
an article on the internet that is being watched by shark sharks and google comms
Tumblr Animal Posts Of Hilarity And Weirdness
someone is holding a plastic object in their hand while sitting on a boat near the water
a comic strip with shark and fish in the background, one is saying'my name's kevin but most people just call me
Sharing Funny Memes
a shark in the water with caption that reads, ahh omg something touched me
10 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed with Shark Week
a bird that is sitting on the hand of someone
They had it coming. #geeklife
two green sea slugs on the bottom of a coral with a caption that reads, shark infested water bro this is our house
bro this is our house
the different types of sharks that can be seen in this diagram
Guide to shark behavior