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an old book with some designs on it
Written and published by Charles Frederick Bielefeld | Illustrated Tariff of the Improved Papier-Mâché Picture Frames, also, Enriched Mouldings, made by machinery in twelve feet lengths, without join | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an old book with some type of decorative design on it's cover, and the words in cursive writing
an old book with different designs on the page and numbers in each section, including two letters
Image from page 162 of "Handbook of ornament; a grammar of art, industrial and architectural designing in all its branches, for practical as well as theoretical use" (1900)
a carved watermelon with red and white flowers on it
Beautiful decoration @mixjio
an intricately designed sculpture is shown against a dark background, with the letter s in the center
Mandelbrot | photo by Tom Bloom | Zoa Chimerum
Mandelbrot by Zoa Chimerum, via Flickr
a blue and gold plate with an animal head on it's side, hanging from the wall
exercice de style 2
a green mask with spikes on it hanging from the wall in front of a gray background
Large Horseshoe Crab Hanging Wall Decor Sea Life Nautical - Etsy
an image of a spiral design with many colors
Fun Time by Mister-Clyde on DeviantArt