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two people sitting in the grass under an awning next to a camper van
two people sitting on a dock with a dog looking out at the water and mountains in the distance
a woman sitting on a dock watching fireworks
firework show
the view from inside an rv looking out onto the ocean at sunset with blankets and pillows on the bed
two people diving into the ocean from rocks
a woman leaning out the window of a car with her hands on her head and arms behind her head
a woman sitting on the back of a boat in the water wearing a hoodie
two people roasting marshmallows over an open fire pit at the beach
three people standing on a path looking at the mountains in the distance with trees and grass
the sun is shining through the windshield of a car with trees in the back ground
a campfire on the beach with sunset in the background and some branches sticking out
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a woman standing in the ocean at sunset
two people in a convertible driving down the road