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Disney princesses in their time periods dresses? Cool to know

Disney princesses in traditional ceremonial outfits accurate to location and time period of their stories. I get all of them except Ariel. Mermaids aren't real. How do you know what time period and traditional attire she wore?

Orangutan by Andy Warhol, 1983, from his Endangered Species series

Andy Warhol Orangutan, from the Endangered Species Portfolio, 1983 Color Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board

London artist Dave White has been making a splash in the art world with his expressive brushstroke techniques and bold subject matter. His newest work, dealing with endangered species, will be revealed at the Hospital Club in London in June.

Dripping and Splattering British artist Dave White has a signature style that involves an explosive application of drips and splats of paint. Often referred to as the UK’s Andy Warhol.

Sweet Little Leopard

Baby Dimitri, an Amur Leopard "Peek a Boo!" I want to cuddle this baby right now. Why can't people have adorable animals for babies instead of the ugly bald ones?