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a kitchen with marble counter tops and stools in front of the sink, along with two vases filled with flowers
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an open book on the table with chairs and tables in front of it, surrounded by books
Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco
Leo's Oyster Bar in San Francisco designed by Ken Fulk.
an old wooden dresser with coffee maker on top in a kitchen under a slanted ceiling
@sonjaveldafotografie | Lifestyle fotograaf, Interieurfotograaf.
an empty restaurant with blue booths and wooden tables in front of a brick wall that has peeling paint on it
The Musket Room is bang on target with blend of rustic and modern...
The Musket Room - New York
a table with yellow chairs and some plants on the wall above it is an instagram post about 5 favorite bright - painted industrial stools
New York City gets a healthy new addition...
The Butcher's Daughter, New York
a black and white photo of an elegant dining room
High ceiling - mirrored walls + light - leather banquet
three yellow chairs sitting in front of a painting on the wall next to a bar
Dough pizzeria by S&M Mobilia, Perth
yellow bar stools & pink ;)
a restaurant with yellow lights hanging from the ceiling and white chairs on the tables in front of them
Urban Station by Total Tool | Dezeen
the outside of a coffee shop with signs on the wall and potted plants in front
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orgahnique: follow me, i follow back all serene/tropical/organic/cafe/pavement
an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs and umbrellas hanging from the tree's branches
SoHo House, Rooftop restaurant in California
SoHo House, Rooftop restaurant in California by margaret
the entrance to ramekin with tables and chairs in front of an open door
Guest Post: Ramekin Restaurant Makeover - Emily Henderson
Ramekin | Los Angeles
the tables are lined up against the wall with numbers on them and hanging from the ceiling
Tartinery Nolita - New York | Lightyears | Archinect
people sitting at tables in a restaurant with lots of shelves on the wall behind them