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Pineapplejuice instead of the gross cough syrup

Pineapplejuice instead of the gross cough syrup- I'm definitely getting some pineapple juice now

Life hacks

This is very useful life hacks. And I guaranteed this can save your day from turning into the worst.the do a barrel roll obe actually works.

1000 Life Hacks

Literally What I Do EVERY time I work on school work! - This is extremely creepy because I am up late studying and I literally just finished listening to a Hans Zimmer song.guess I'm a born genius

Life hacks

If you need a life hack though here are a lot. I haven't tried or researched each tip to verify if it works so bear that in mind. However, if you tested any of them and know that it works, please confirm in the comments. Thanks!

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Life Hacks - Idea about the passwords is actually pretty good. I'll have to remember that when it comes time to change them!

Moroccan-Inspired Hurricane Lanterns

Use decorative aluminum sheets from Home Depot to make your own "Moroccan style" lanterns. Cut, sand edges so they don't scratch, use wire to hold them together. Use mat spray paint in any color you like to finish off the lanterns. This idea is genius!