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someone is drawing pictures on paper with a marker and pen while another person holds a pencil in their left hand
Ms. S- Art Lessons on Instagram: "Today in class we began these fractured self portraits. I love this project for my foundations level classes because they get a lot of opportunity to practice drawing the facial features from different angles and I think it’s way less intimidating than trying to draw a full portrait because you don’t have to worry so much about mapping out proportions on the head. I think it’s a nice way to ease into a self portrait, which already is intimidating for many students, and they really come out beautiful! This lesson is now up in my TPT shop. It includes lessons on how to draw each feature of the face with helpful anatomy, diagrams, and step-by-step video tutorials as well as discussion activities about a variety of artist and artworks that have a similar theme
a woman sitting on the floor with her back turned to look like she is holding scissors
ArtHunter’s Instagram post: “By @3cm_lin - “Art-making is not about telling the truth but making the truth felt” ― Christian Boltanski - Submit your work via link in…”
a man's head is shown with dices on it
Ben Heine - Pencil Vs Camera Artist - Pencil Vs Camera - The Arty Teacher
a woman sitting on a park bench next to a man holding a bouquet of flowers
Ben Heine - Pencil Vs Camera Artist - Pencil Vs Camera - The Arty Teacher
a person holding up a piece of paper with an open mouth
Ben Heine - Pencil Vs Camera Artist - Pencil Vs Camera - The Arty Teacher
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with a map in the background
Juxtapoz Magazine - UK Artist Ed Fairburn Has First North American Show
Woman Butterfly by Dada22 Woman Butterfly, Cellular Structure, Halloweenský Makeup, Butterfly Art Print, Lukisan Cat Air, Optimal Health, Arte Pop, Butterfly Art
Woman Butterfly Art Print by dada22
Woman Butterfly by Dada22
Robert Mapplethorpe, Avant Garde Photography, Beauty Fotografie, Unique Face Mask, Drag Make-up, Mehron Makeup, Avant Garde Makeup, Photography Themes, Idee Cosplay
“The imperfection, it’s the beauty.” The … – Photography
a young boy with puzzle pieces on his face and the image of a skull in front of him
Art & Emotions - Make Something Mondays