Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips

You meet a lot of musicians and film-makers and actors, but it's rare to meet someone who can step inside a pizza oven and take the heat.
Lisa Phillips
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Graham MacIndoe was a highly successful photographer, working for the Guardian's Weekend magazine among many others, when he began a destructive journey into heroin addiction. Here he talks about the process of documenting some of his darkest days – and his eventual recovery.

Graham MACINDOE (b. Untitled from the series Coming Clean, negative: printed 2015 Photograph, inkjet prints, 9 x 12 in Collection: Scottish National Portrait Gallery, purchased 2015 © Graham MacIndoe

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Internet addiction is not an official condition yet recognized in the DSM-V. But a recent search for "internet addiction help" revealed various rehab centers for internet addiction, therapists who specialize in the condition, as well as this handy quiz.


My dad says, using a grinder to make a weld look good makes you a "grinder" not a welder