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This sleek and stretchy maxi dress starts off with a rounded neckline and short sleeves, while darting adds a tailored finish to the fitted bodice.

J Colby Smith piercing and jewelry design in NYC

I can never find adoarble conch piercing rings that actually fit without being painfully tight! J Colby Smith piercing and jewelry design in NYC

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I already have my Tragus pierced and 3 forward helixs, now I need an anti-Tragus and a rook. My ears only take forever to heal<< You are a brave soul, Im too much of a wuss to get anything other than my double piercing,

Sophia earcuffs by Catchall Jewelry: "i made these using brass and howlite beads, they are supposed to be an alternative to traditional clip on earrings."

Gemstone Earrings Cuff me! Or… Just my ear… Golden ear cuff with turqois pearl, so pretty. Kinda Indian inspired :) Cuff me! Or. Just my ear.